The FUSION project closed on the 14th of May 2018 its portal after nearly 5 years of fruitful exchange.
Applications have to be submitted only via the portal. To apply for a mobility under the FUSION framework to LogDynamics at the University of Bremen, the following documents are needed:
1. Study plan (valid for UG/Master) or Research/Training plan (PhD, PostDoc, staff)
2. CV (format of the online application)
3. Copy of passport or other official identification proof (optional, but must submit after selection at the latest) Document indicating the candidate belongs to Target Group 3 (if so).
4. Letters
Recommendation letters (optional, but must be submitted after the selection, not necessary for staff members:
- UG/Master needs one
- PhD/PostDocs at least two
5. Language certificate for the language of instruction at host university. All applicants need to check the general information sheet of the respective host university on the FUSION website and upload the required language certificates which are mentioned in the general information sheet (English or German for the University of Bremen (UniHB).
6. Certificate of enrollment of the home university (valid for: UG, Master, PhD exchange)
7. Degree certificates
UG: transcripts of record
Master: Bachelor degree (or equivalent) and transcripts of records
PhD: Master degree and Bachelor degree (or equivalent) and transcripts of records, list of publications (if available)
PostDoc: Master degree, PhD certificate, incl. transcripts of records, list of publications.
• Academic and administrative staff:
- Description of work experience (administrative staff only)
- Academic record, list of publications (academic staff only)